Hard Moment

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في الجمعة 5 نوفمبر - 14:08

Hard moment

When they leave & quit from your life without telling you…without making any sounds, just like a professional thief !h

Hard Moment

When they consider you as a vase
on an old s h e l f !! In that moment you feel sorry for your poor self !d

And wish that you

Never and ever remember them
...Never & ever hear their voic
...Never & ever hug their letter
...Never & ever smell their kindness

because no matter what you do They will never come back to you!j

Be patient & remember this:l

Everytime you feel pain & sad it & look to your life as anightmare& your soul is about to run away from your body, it means

that you are getting closer
to the solution of your problem.k

Because when it is complicated more & more
!Suddenly it disappear

Thathappens when you believe that Allah is great & he can give youevery good thing & protect you from every bad thing, because one ofhis names is Allatif (The Subtle One!) Just

be sure and thank ALLAH every second

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