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حصريا اخر اصدار بتاريخ اليوم من برنامج التعديل على الصور ومعالجتها واضافة التأثيرات عليها

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هذا البرنامج الرائع يقوم بالتعديل على الصور

ومعالجتها وأيضا يساعدك فى اضافة التأثيرات

الجميلة على الصور

PhotoLine is a
full featured image editor with support for text, vector and image
layers. In addition to the standard editing features, it supports 16
bits per channel, CMYK and Lab as well as color managementICC profiles.
The include image browser supports IPTC and EXIF data display and
editing, batch conversion, HTML gallery output, batch renaming and
more. Professional image processing - In spite of its low price
PhotoLine 32 offers every function needed for professional image
processing: 16 bit per color channel; CMYK and Lab color space; Color
management with ICC profiles. Lossless image processing - Lossless
image processing is made possible by adding functions to an image
without changing the original data. This way we loose no information
and have access to the unmodified image data every time we want to.

PhotoLine offers every function for working with
digital photos, such as: PhotoLine can import the raw image data - the
so-called raw-files - of nearly every digital camera. In addition,
PhotoLine 32 offers many functions for enhancing photos: Light/Shadow
adjusts brightness errors. Connect Images can be used to combine two
differently exposed photos to a single better one. White Point corrects
the white point of an image automatically or manually. The Color
Temperature can be set or adjusted. Chromatic Aberration corrects color
distortions at edges. Image Noise reduces the color and brightness
noise in an image. Red Eyes removes red pupils caused by the flash of
the camera. Lenses Correction corrects the distortions caused by the
curvature of the lenses. Perspective distortions can easily be fixed by
using the layer tool or the rectangular lasso.

PhotoLine can save documents as PDF. On doing that
text and vector graphic is - if possible - not reduced to pixel
graphics. On saving optionally all color information in a document can
be converted to CMYK. PhotoLine can also import PDF files. The import
keeps the structure of the document intact, this means, text is read as
text layers andvector graphics is read as vector layers. PhotoLine is
able to work with documents containing more than one page. This allows
the creation of booklets and flyers. In contrast to classic image
processing PhotoLine can create empty pages (pages without a background
image) which can be used to place images, text and vector graphics.


• 16 bit per channel, support of CMYK and Lab

• Color management with ICC profiles

• Lossless imaging

• Process digital photos

• Retouch, correct etc.

• IPTC and EXIF data handling

• Rotate images lossless

• Rename images and create catalogues

• Create HTML galleries

• Add and edit keywords

• Powerful search capabilities

• "Real" PDF Import and Export (not just a big image)

• Multipage documents

• Calendar and barcode creation

• Rich text functions

• Create Flash and GIF animations

• Web Export

• Tile images, create buttons and image maps

• Batch conversion

• Create slideshows

• Record actions

• Print multipage documents, flyers and labels

• USB-Stick support

• Multiprocessor support

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Win Xp &
Mac Os Vista

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السلام عليكم
بسم الله

شكرا اخوووي على الموضوع الروعة
تحية ليك

و تم تعديل الموضوع و حذف الرموز
أمير البحار

النّاجحون يبحثون دائماً عن الفرص لمساعدة الآخرين بينما الفاشلون يسألون دائماً ماذا سوف نستفيد نحن من ذلك
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