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Other Important Information About SEO

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective and
popular Internet Market technique or method used by many webmasters
today. Other than webmasters, as well as SEO specialists and experts,
many individuals had also used SEO to improve the traffic of their
website from search engines.

Though most of these people are bloggers, some are usually executives
who wanted to learn about SEO to do it for their business or before
hiring an SEO specialist or expert, allowing them to know the process of
doing SEO.

The internet is full of information regarding SEO. However, there is
still a number of information which is usually left out by SEO
specialists. And sometimes, this information is very important
particularly for people who are just starting with SEO. Here is some of
that information:

Link Spike

According to many SEO experts, such as those from SEO Philippines
companies, the growth of inbound links should be as “natural” as
possible. Part of the reason is because major search engines such as
Google usually don’t support SEO as the method disrupts the natural
algorithm of search engines, which is why it’s very important to take
note the gradual growth of inbound links to a website.

If, however, an unnatural event had occurred, in which the number of
links had suddenly spiked then fell down, and then up again in its
original growth, then a link spike may occur. A link spike is similar to
“Google Dance” in which a website’s ranking will suddenly rise, then
significantly fall, then return to its original ranking. However, the
difference with Google Dance is that this usually happen for weeks,
which could cause a significant fall in traffic.

Google Dance

Google Dance is a very popular term used by many SEO professionals and
webmasters. It is a term used at the time in which Google does a
re-crawl of all of its indexes. When this happens, a website’s ranking
would either suddenly rise up or sudden fall or disappear from indexes.

According to SEO Philippines experts, though similar with link spike, a
Google Dance usually normally last within only a few days, usually 2 to 3
days, and that the end result could be higher or lower from its
original state.


The term “Sandbox” is used for a website that doesn’t gain any
improvement in major search engines even if the campaign had been
running for 3 months. This usually occurs if a website had been caught
using black hat SEO. According to SEO Philippines experts, this can be
prevented by learning the basic and guideline approved methods of SEO
link building.

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