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Resource Box Tips - Market Your Articles So That Readers Will Click on Your Links to Visit Your Site

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The resource box, also known as the author's bio, is the place to invite
readers back to your blog or website page. This box and link is really
the purpose for the entire article. It is the focal point where you want
your reader to end up clicking through to your link. The resource box
comes at the end of your article, and should flow seamlessly after the
body of your writing is completed. Even though you are allowed to
include two links here, it is best to just use one.

One great way to get people to follow your link is to offer a free
download of your audio recording, special report, eBook, or other
information, and then tell them why they will benefit from receiving it.
The idea is to make them an irresistible offer that will encourage them
to click on your link. Explaining the benefits here is crucial to the
entire process. What will they gain by clicking on your link and
visiting your site? Make this language compelling enough to get them to
click through in anticipation of receiving what you have to offer. If
they are not comelled they will click off your article and you will lose

If you look at well written articles, you will see that it's difficult
to know where the body of the article ends and the resource box begins.
This is due to the fact that it flows naturally from one section to
another so that the reader maintains focus and interest. When a resource
box is used in this way the reader just thinks they are reading the end
of the article, not the credentials or other information they may not
be interested in.

This type of writing can be learned by reading many other articles. You
will see ones that do not work well at all, mainly because the author
will include the copyright symbol or other wording that lets you know
the end has come. If the reader is clued in that the end has come in an
article they do what most of us would do, they stop reading and move on
to something else. Instead the writers who know what they are doing use
resource boxes that draw the reader to their link, resulting in hundreds
of clicks back to the site of the person who wrote it, include open and
inviting language that offers a free gift that will be beneficial.

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