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Email Marketing Is Copywriting - How To Write Autoresponder Messages That Your Prospects Will Open

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Email Marketing Is Copywriting - How To Write Autoresponder Messages That Your Prospects Will Open

Email marketing is a crucial piece of the puzzle in your online
business. Most of us have never written emails in this way, so it is a
skill that must be learned. In fact, writing emails that get people to
take action is a form of copywriting. In order to be effective with
this, you must write email copy that jumps out from the rest, speaks
directly to the person reading it, and gives a call to action that makes
them click. Here are some ideas on how you can do this right now.

We all receive so many emails each day that it is easy for us to just
scroll through to the ones we want to read. What makes us read one email
over all the others? The first thing we all look for is to see who it
is coming from. Even if there is no subject line at all, if it comes
from someone we want or need to hear from we will open it right away.
Make sure your prospects know who you are by always using the same name
when you write to them. The next thing to consider is the subject line.
It has been proven that people are much more likely to open an email
that is personalized, so that will be something you will always want to

Sometimes I like to mix this up by using their first name in the middle
or at the end of the subject line. The message itself should be no
longer than about two hundred words, and about 65 characters across for
ease of reading. Write as though you are just writing to one person
instead of to everyone on your list. Go back and look at previous
messages you have sent. Make sure you have included the word you more
than the word I, and do not ever say many of you or all of you.

Those phrases let the reader know that your message was intended for
many people instead of just for them. The greatest compliment you can
receive is when someone hits reply and responds to you, thinking your
message was written just to them instead of to your entire list. The
goal is to reach them on a personal level so they will be more likely to
click on the links you have included.

Add your link three times throughout your message, so that it is easy for them to click when they are ready.

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