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Make Money With Affiliate Marketing - How to Create a Strategy That Will Work For Your Business

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Make Money With Affiliate Marketing - How to Create a Strategy That Will Work For Your Business

Affiliate marketing has been very good to me in terms of building my
online business, but this is only because I thought it out when I first
got started in 2006. I decided at that time to only promote the
products, services, and courses offered by those I knew and did business
with, developed a strategy of how and when to make my recommendations,
and figured out how to keep increasing my income with more long term
strategies. Allow me to explain each of these in greater detail.

The very first product I ever promoted on the Internet was an eBook on
training Yorkshire terrier dogs. I had purchased this information as
part of the research I was doing to see if I would be able to write my
own eBook on a similar topic. The material I purchased was thorough and
well-written, and also worked quite effectively in helping me to train
my own Yorkie. I decided to become an affiliate instead of spending the
next few months creating my own eBook. This was a pivotal time in my
online business development. Within a very short time I had made my
first sale, earning twenty-one dollars and sixty cents as my affiliate

This made me stop to think about what I was doing. I was better able to
recommend this particular eBook because I had purchased it and
benefitted from the content. This made perfect sense to me. If you are
already a customer and believe the product, service, or course to be of
great value, it is easier to recommend it to others. I continue to do
this, and know that this is a huge part of what has made me so
successful in this area.

The next step was to develop a strategy of how and when I would promote
the affiliate products I was recommending. This was before Twitter and
Facebook were available and active, so that was not even a possibility.
Instead, I began writing about what I was buying and benefitting from.
This writing took the form of articles, short reports, blog posts, and
more. Content creation online was just coming into its own.

Finally, I wanted a profit system that would ensure that I could
increase my income each month for years to come. I came up with several
ideas for this, using regular teleseminars, interviews, and viral

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