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Cost Per Action Affiliate Marketing Commissions Can Pay You Very Well

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One of the best ways to earn affiliate marketing commissions is Cost per
action programs, or CPA programs as they are also known. They can pay
you very well in various ways.

The most popular form of CPA programs is where you get a lead for an
advertiser. This could be something easy like getting a website visitor
to provide their zip code or email address.

It could also be more complicated and involve several pages of
information from the website visitor for you to earn your commission.
Generally the harder the form is the more money you make.

There are CPA programs that pay as much as $500 per lead or more. There
are others that will just pay you a few cents to get your visitor to
provide basic information.

Today affiliate marketers can promote everything from home business opportunities to Wal-Mart gift cards via CPA programs.

As an affiliate you provide a valuable service to the advertiser.
Getting information out to the public is difficult for any business to

This is the basics of how affiliate marketing works. With CPA programs
you will be promoting offers via websites or landing pages. There is a
certain skill to this and that is why there are people earning over
seven figures per year once they know to do it correctly.

The most successful affiliate marketers are those who use their own
websites to promote a specific offer. You are seeing more affiliate
marketers developing a website around one specific product as opposed to
a larger portal theme website.

The advantage to this is you can target a specific offer by name or
product. You can also help influence your website visitor by pre-selling
them before sending them through to the affiliate landing page.

What is the best way to promote CPA offers?

This is not really different than other types of affiliate marketing.
Many affiliates will use article marketing and create a resource box
that leads back to their own website or CPA landing page.

Some will do various forms of paid advertising. Google Adwords continues
to be the most popular ppc search engine to advertise on.

Facebook Ads are quickly becoming a profitable form of Internet
marketing. With over 500 million members it has a huge target audience
that you want to get your offers in front of.

Obviously the more offers you are promoting the more affiliate marketing
commissions it can mean to you. This is why you see so many affiliates
today earning six and seven figure incomes.

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