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Short Report Writing - How to Write 5 to 15 Page Reports to Build Your Internet Business

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Short Report Writing - How to Write 5 to 15 Page Reports to Build Your Internet Business

Short reports can be given away to attract new prospects into your
business. They should be written in an easy to read and understand
manner, meaning that you would write conversationally. There is no set
length for this type of report, so anything from about five to fifteen
pages will accomplish your goal. When you are preparing to write your
short report think about the information you will provide, your target
audience, and the purpose of presenting this information. This is the
key to writing great short reports. You are not creating a novel here.
This is a short report and like its name implies it needs to be focused
and to the point. No here is the other mistake you can make with short

Once I made the mistake of writing a report for my prospects that was
just too good. That may sound funny, but the truth was that I included
every bit of information on the topic that I could possibly think of. It
was about twelve pages long, single spaced, and included resources,
case studies, and detailed examples of what to do through each step of
the process I was writing about.

The result was that very few people purchased the product I was
promoting with this report, simply because they felt that they had
enough information to move forward based on what was included in my
report. The idea is to give useful and valuable information to your
prospects, without giving away the farm. This is a fine balance that
will become easier as you do this over a period of time.

Think about the group you are writing for. Each target market is
different, so write to them in a way that they will understand and
respond to. For example, when I write about dog training I am more
likely to include two or three photographs of different types of dogs.
If you write about fly fishing, you may want to include detailed
information about different types of gear and equipment. Each audience
will have specific needs and wants that you must address.

You must also know the purpose of presenting your information in the
short report format. You may be trying to sell a specific product, build
your list, or gain credibility in your niche. Think about this before
you start writing, and you will have much better results.

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