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Cancer Is Not The Tumor

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Cancer is the number two cause of death in the US. Cancer is
predicted to overtake cardiovascular disease as the number one cause
worldwide by 2012. Cancer will likely affect you or someone you know in
the course of your life.
Many in medicine view cancer as a
separate and foreign entity that needs to be removed or killed. The
patient and doctor's energy is focused on destroying the tumor. The
tumor, however, is not cancer. Cancer is a disease process and the tumor
is the end result of that process. Removing or shrinking the tumor may
be a necessary part of treatment for some, but it does not resolve the
process that led to the tumor in the first place.
When I was in
medical school I worked for a stonemason. By the end of every summer, I
had thick calluses on my hands. As a reaction to chronic stress and
irritation, the body forms calluses. They do not attack us, they are not
separate from us, and they do not happen over night. Cutting them off
or taking therapies to shrink them would work temporarily, but if the
sources of irritation are not removed, i.e. hauling basalt slabs and
swinging a mattock, the growths ultimately return.
Like calluses,
cancer is the result of our body's own physiology reacting and straining
against stresses over time, usually years to decades. The cancer
process is active long before a tumor appears. To truly heal cancer, the
sources of stress and irritation that led to the tumor will need to be
identified and resolved.
As the cancer process often took decades
to progress to a tumor, resolution and healing do not occur overnight.
There are many contributing factors. The whole person: body, mind, and
spirit need to be considered. Environmental exposures, foods, lack of
appropriate exercise, hormone imbalances, toxic thoughts, inefficient
elimination of wastes, immune imbalances, chronic inflammation, fun,
spirituality, and epigenetics, are just a few factors that need to be
People often feel helpless when diagnosed with cancer,
but according to the National Cancer Institute up to 75% of all cancers
are due to the accumulated results of the choices we make each day
(lifestyle). This means we have a great deal of power over the process.
Choices we make can contribute to the cancer process as well as help
heal it.
Treating the cancer process is not simple or easy. The
body has the amazing ability to heal itself, but there is a point of no
return. Depending on the type and stage, some people diagnosed with the
cancer process may be past this point. There are still things we can do
to help these people, even if their cancer process has reached a
terminal level.
Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation may be
necessary parts of treatment at any level. There are many natural
therapies that can minimize the side effects of these treatments without
interfering with their intended purpose. Avoid self-prescribing in the
health food aisle. Some antioxidants, vitamins, and herbs will interfere
with these treatments. Just because products are natural does not mean
they cannot cause harm.
Dealing with the cancer process is a
journey. There will be emotional and physical challenges for the person
and their loved ones. It is important to have a physician you trust and
are comfortable with to stand with you and guide you and your family
through this journey.

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