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10 Steps To Handle A Diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer

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Dealing with a thyroid cancer or any other disease diagnosis has to be handled like we have to handle all other situations and events in our life.

1. You need to have an objective. When diagnosed with thyroid cancer the main objective is very obvious. Get well!! Another objective would be to attain the best medical care you can get.

2. A plan has to be put into place. Appointments have to be set with an endocrinologist or an oncologist that specializes in thyroid cancer. If you have a family that needs help while you are going through treatment arrangements have to be made.

3. Once diagnosed with the cancer find all the resources you have available to help you and think about all the resources you may need. What oncologists, endocrinologists and surgeon are available in your area. You may have to contact a thyroid cancer association. Your local community family and friends are also great resources.

4. There will be challenges and obstacles that will come up. You may think you are on the road to recovery when a new test or scan will show that is not so. Challenges that may occur are having to wait a long period of time before receiving treatment, problems with calcium levels after surgery, and having to stay longer than anticipated in isolation after a radioactive treatment. Make a contingency plan for challenges or obstacles that may come up that are not obvious.

5. A feedback system will be required. Get a second opinion if you do not feel comfortable with what has been given to you. Do research whether it be from the internet or from books. Contact the cancer society for step by step guidelines explaining the protocol for the treatment of thyroid cancer.

6. Speak your thoughts clearly to your doctor, family and friends. They may want something for you that you do not want. It is your body and mind; take control.

7. Once a plan has been made be concise on your next step. It could be asking for more tests, receiving treatment, or just waiting to see how the cancer progresses.

8. Even with a good plan in place there maybe adjustments to be made. It is OK to change your mind and ask for an alternative treatment or test. Because thyroid cancer is a slow growing cancer you have the opportunity of time to make decisions.

9. Celebrate small and big victories. When you have succeeded to find the best endocrinologist, or the surgeon renown for his thyroid gland surgeries, celebrate and be happy with the success. Celebration releases endorphins in the body and makes you feel better no matter what the problem or situation.

10. When your first objective has been achieved figure out what your new objective will be. This new objective could be recuperating after surgery or a radioactive iodine treatment.

The diagnosis of thyroid cancer is not a death sentence. Breathing, meditation or quiet time, laughter, and being surrounded by positive people are critical to dealing with anything thrown your way. Taking one day at a time, one step at a time will make every hardship easier to handle.

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