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All About Cancer Chemotherapy

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Cancer chemotherapy is a medical process used in treating all forms of cancer in the human body. Basically, the therapy makes use chemical compounds in dealing with cancerous tumors and other growing cells in the human body.

Cancer chemotherapy has a specific mechanism. It is meant to eradicate the mutating cells of cancer in the body with the help of the chemical compound in use. Oftentimes, the medical approach also destroys essential cells of the body in the bid to deal with the cancerous cells. This is usually one of the side effects of the therapy.

Cancer Chemotherapy Drugs
Some special drugs are usually used in cancer chemotherapy. In most cases the therapist decides on the right drug for each patient. Every form of cancer also has specific drugs used in dealing with it especially during chemotherapy. Among the various drugs used in chemotherapy include CPT-11, Accutane, Vectibix, Cyclophosphamide and many others. The drugs used in chemotherapy are actually numerous. The medical center and the therapist involved determine the kind of drug to be used. Again, your kind of cancer also determines the kind of drugs that can be used. The status or level of the cancerous condition is also considered when deciding on the drugs to be used.

In most cases, the drugs used in chemotherapy do cause side effects in the body of the patient. You may experience hair loss, heart damage, lung damage, severe headache, fever, nausea, change in taste, change in the nervous system and a lot more. These side effects can adequately be minimized or even prevented when qualified therapist is engaged in carrying out the chemotherapy process. Oftentimes, some drugs are combined in order to deal with some of the side effects.

How Chemotherapy works
Basically, chemotherapy works by destroying the growing cancerous cells in the body of the patient. The only danger here is that, the human body also has other vital cells such as the white blood cells, the red blood cells and the hair cells. Chemotherapy can as well destroy all of them if proper precaution is not taken. There's always the need to make distinction between the cancerous cells and other vital cells of the body. This is exactly where the help of a qualified therapist is needed. Hence, when thinking of going into the process of cancer chemotherapy, you really need to visit a reliable medical center where qualified therapists can be reached.

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