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Cancer Is Curable, All You Need Is Knowledge

عبدالرحمن حسن علي
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في الإثنين 22 أغسطس - 18:53

We all believe there are only three ways to treat cancer but that is not true. There are certainly three ways that have a limited ability to remove some of the growths but they are not necessary cures. There are other ways that are far more effective because they deal with the cause or the reasons why it first grew but unfortunately no one can profit from them.

All cancers are curable but only by natural means. Natural ways to rid the body of cancer means finding the reasons why the growths first appeared and removing those reasons. That will allow the body to self-heal through our immune system. This system works for all cancers and works for everyone because we all have an immune system. A cancer growth is only a sign that something is wrong within the body so does it makes sense to weaken the body further with harsh treatments.

The cancer industry is keeping us submissive by suppressing information about true cures and persecuting anyone who dares strays from the three big money orientated treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. While they are very good at applying these treatments, these treatments won't prevent it from spreading or returning again because the growths are only the symptoms and not the problem.

I know it's a very brave choice to go against traditional medicine but true cures means dealing with the cause and that's something our medical specialists don't do. Our medical system is very good at diagnosing cancer but their treatments years ago were ineffective and they are still ineffective today.

If your cancer is serious the changes that are necessary won't be easy. Cancer is a serious disease and the treatment will need to be a full time commitment. Also there is no point in blaming a misplaced gene for a disease of modern western civilization. We have significant control over any bad genes we may have and that control is based on what we put in our mouths, exercise, sunshine, fresh air and adequate rest. That is, the way we should be living.

Of course using food and other lifestyle factors as medicine usually affects the body much more slowly that drugs. But in the end it is a much safer and more thorough option. It works by removing the causes of the illness, where as most drugs merely relieve the outer symptoms. Don't forget that your body strives to heal itself automatically every single day. What you need to do to assist it is to remove the barrier that's been stopping it from healing.

Exercise needs to be addressed as it is crucial when fighting cancer. Any cancer is a result of an immune system that didn't stop wayward cells in the body from dividing so your first priority is to strengthen the immune system and you do that with some exercise everyday. The immune system needs muscular activity to function properly and any form of exercise is beneficial. Simply walking or aerobics are both very beneficial.

Learn about cancer, search for information, and don't put your precious life in somebody else's hands. There is a wealth of information available today but you must be very selective in what you adopt. Any information on healing the body of cancer must revolve around natural living. That is consuming fresh food that's been unmolested by man, a little exercise everyday, a sensible amount of sunshine for the important vitamin D we gain from it, adequate rest and sleep and be aware of the many chemicals we unwittingly use that do cause us harm.

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