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Information on Bladder Cancer and Infection Treatment

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There are different types of cancers which affect all parts of the body, causing various symptoms. The bowel digests and absorbs the water and nutrients from food and forms stools. Bladder cancer has many symptoms which can be related to other conditions.

What are the symptoms?
During the early stages of the bowel cancer, there may not be any obvious symptoms, however as the cancer grows, one can notice blood in stools or rectal bleeding is common. When one notices a change in their normal bowel habits such as diarrhoea, constipation or frequent visits to the toilet, it could be an indication of something not right.

Also unexplained loss of weight or appetite and stomach pain can also occur. As the cancer grows the bleeding in the bowel can lead to anaemia causing breathless and fatigue, as there is not enough oxygen in the body.

Bladder cancer has various types of symptoms which are determined by where the cancerous cells have started. The symptoms of bladder cancer can originate from bladder infection/ UTI (Urinary tract infection) and therefore require tests to find the true cause of the problem.

usually the first warning signs in when one notices blood in the urine. Sometimes, there may not be enough blood in the urine to change the colour hence it will go undetected but others may see a dramatic change of pale pink, orange or red. Other symtoms include burning feeling when passing urine and a change in bladder habits such as the need to urinate more often or having difficulties when trying to urinate.

Less common symptoms include pelvic pain and unexplained weight loss. Such symptoms are usually hard to detect until the cancer has reached its advanced phase and is very hard to cure. This is why it is recommended that screening for bladder cancer should be done to eliminate the possibility, especially those at higher risks such as older males who smoke.

Most bladder infections are result of bacteria. You can sometimes treat milder infections by decreasing the acidity of your urine by drinking fluids with bicarbonate of soda or potassium citrate, also drinking plenty of fluids to flush the infection out of the system. Paracetamol or ibuprofen can help control the pain.

The doctor can also prescribe specific antibiotics. Common antibiotics include a nitrofurantoin or trimethoprime/sulfamethoxazole for a period of three to seven days. The antibiotic course should always be completed even if the symptoms have disappeared to ensure the bacteria have died.

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