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Free Radicals Cannot Be Considered A Cause Of Illness And Aging

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Imagine if we actually focused on removing the root causes of cancer. We would find that cancer is actually not a threatening disease at all, and certainly not the killer disease we have been made to believe it is.

You may wonder about those bad oxygen free radicals that everyone talks about. Is it not true that they are behind most cancers and other diseases? If it is true, how can we defend ourselves against them, other than by removing them with such antioxidants as vitamin C?

Oxygen free radicals are highly reactive oxygen molecules. They are involved in causing rust in iron and in turning fats rancid. They are also found in arteries that have become occluded with plaque. Many researchers believe that they are involved in the formation of cancer cells. However, like bacteria, these molecules have been given an unjustifiably bad reputation. Free radicals have existed since the beginning of life on Earth. Why would they now lead to cancer in one out of every two people when just 100 years ago only 1 in 8,000 people suffered the same fate? Did they just become a lot more 'vicious' in the past 100 years, ever so eager to oxidize us to death? The answer is a resounding 'No'.

They only oxidize and destroy what is already weak and potentially damaging to the body. They never attack healthy, vital cell tissue, but they naturally turn up where there is something to be destroyed that has become useless and is an impending threat to the body's physiological balance. Weak or worn out cells and accumulated metabolic waste material, which the body's lymphatic system normally removes without a problem, become a hazard when they are trapped in the tissues and the free radicals are not doing their job. Increasing free radical activity and spreading infectious germs are therefore the next best alternatives to the body's own cleansing and eliminative efforts, especially when the body's immune system is already compromised. Thus, neither free radicals nor germs can rightfully be considered a cause of illness and aging.

Since illness is actually a healing mechanism and aging is a form of advanced congestion in the body, free radicals must, in fact, be considered the beneficial effects of illness and aging.

The more often infections are 'prevented' or suppressed through medical interventions, the less efficient the liver and kidneys, as well as the immune, lymphatic, and digestive systems become in keeping the body's cell tissues free of harmful, noxious deposits.

Yet, not only infections and free radicals act as cleansers or scavengers of obstructive waste and damaged, weak cells, but pain also serves as a healing aid. Pain is merely a signal that the body is actively involved in a healing response that includes repairing damaged tissues and cleansing itself. By suppressing pain with medication, you short-circuit the body's internal communication and healing mechanisms and practically force it to hold on to, and eventually suffocate in, its own waste. Cancer is a natural consequence of dealing with such a distressing, unnatural situation.


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