Malaysia's tourism program


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The company offers the World Tourism in Malaysia
Cheapest and best offer for two people for the honeymoon
Running time 11 days 10 nights RM 5600 for two persons inclusive breakfast and hotel taxes and service
And domestic aviation and ground transportation and tours
For weeknights Medinhsilangeor Hilton Pittaling
3 nights island of Penang Hydro Hotel Penang
For weeknights Jintnj Highland Hotel and First World
3 nights Kuala Lumpur Hotel Piccolo Arab Street

Domestic aviation

Go from Kuala Lumpur to Penang
Back from Penang to Kuala Lumpur

Land transportation

Reception at the airport and delivery to the hotel
Connectivity to the airport to go to Penang
Reception in Penang and connectivity to the hotel
Connectivity to the airport to return to Kuala Lumpur
Reception at the airport and go to Jintnj
Jintnj leave and go to Kuala Lumpur and connect to the hotel
Full day of sightseeing and shopping with lunch
Connectivity to the airport to return to the homeland

Total comprehensive program of service and tax = RM 5600

International Company for TOURISM IN MALAYSIA


For reservations or to inquire on the phone: click here
H.P - 0060172212452
H.P - 0060163344660
H.P - 0060122212452
TEL - 0060356362454
TEL - 0060356113434
FAX – 0060356372454

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