GTA Vice City (2009/Repack) كاملة بدون كراك روعة

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Welcome to the City of
vice - Vice City, a huge hive, where has it all: the golden beaches and
fetid swamps, shine and poverty, palaces and slums. The loudest hit of the
year, Vice City allows you to look into the bright, full of black humor
and violent underworld of a giant metropolis, is extremely reminiscent
of Miami. Now you have the chance
to go all the way from the usual outdoor bouncers to an elite criminal

Upon arriving in the
metropolis, full of temptations and pleasures, the main character Tommy
Verchetti loses everything in the first transaction. He wants to get their
money back, but on his way stand biker gangs, Cuban gangsters and
corrupt politicians. It seems the entire Vice
City turned against Tommy. There remains only one
thing: fight fire with fire - and, eventually, to lay their hands on the

Genre: action

Developer: Rockstar

Publisher: 1C

Publication Type: repack

Language: Russian

Sound language: English

The medicine: not

Game features:

* Huge, detailed game
world - metropolis of Vice City, which is constantly something going on
regardless of the player's actions

* More than thirty kinds
of weapon: knuckle dusters, batons, assault rifles, machine guns,
grenades, bazooka, and much more

* Different means of
transport that can be controlled: cars, motorcycles, boats and even -

* A huge number of
totally disparate tasks: from the sale of ice cream and deliver a pizza
to purchase real estate and the murder of Police

* Superb musical
accompaniment - a few hours of music on nine radio stations in the
stellar performance of teams 1980, among which representatives of many
different music styles - from disco to hard'n'hevi

In the installation
includes a full manual and translated Russian site of 1S!

System requirements:

* Operating system:
Windows 2000 / ME / XP / Vista

* Processor: Intel
Pentium 3 or AMD Athlon 800 MHz

* Memory: 256 MB

* Sound card: compatible
with DirectX 9.0

* Video card: compatible
with DirectX 9.0

* Hard disk space: 1,5 GB

* Keyboard, Mouse

Features rePACK:

1. Nothing cut

2. Nothing clamping

3. Removed: DirectX

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