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ْْ~~:)Good morning:)~~ْْ

عبدالرحمن حسن علي
مؤســس المنتدى
مؤســس المنتدى
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ْْ~~:)Good morning:)~~ْْ

dreams visit us when we are asleep. But commitment wakes us up each day
and give us every chance to make our DREAMS come true. ! Good Mrng.

Heartly welcome To
Cool Morning,
Happy welcome To
Fresh Morning,
Great welcome To
New Morning,
Lovely welcome To
Nice Morning,
I wish.. Good morning.....

Morning is the part of the day usually reckoned from dawn to noon.
The name (which comes from the Middle English word morwening) was
formed from the analogy of evening using the word "morn" (in Middle
English morwen), and originally meant the coming of the sunrise as
evening meant the beginning of the close of the day

ْْ~~:)Good morning:)~~ْْ

Morning is new day feeling dream ...

this idea was in my mind for long time and its just came here and show you feeling about the day by ...sms ,messages,card,picture,

and whatever that you want all about morning ...

There are hundreds of languages in the world
but a smile speaks them all.
And the best smile is the one which shines through troubles

Good Morning!!! Keep Smiling…

i hope you understand what am saying… hope you like it
i wish to see…Your replay..

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معلن جديد
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