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~ • English Forum Rules ... Please take a look }...

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مؤســس المنتدى
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلآم عليكم و رحمة الله و بركآته ~

Welcome to the English language forum at

English forum as you know is interesting in English language mainly and
the others languages also ... here , you will be able to share your
knowledge , thoughts ,
. practicing your language and also learning some other new languages

you know that Nothing goes right without rules . so that I'll try to
explain every thing that we should working based on and we ( as al-wed administration ) expect you to
: follow these rules as shown

~ • English forum supervisors }...

We are at your service any time when you need us ... our job here is to
support and help any member who needs help in any issue he / she wants
to asking about
there are so many way to contact us as in private messages or throughout topics or
. whatever you like

• ~ Threads }...

[ 1 ]
Be aware about your thread that isn't repeated ... Unfortunately , I'll
be forced to delete that thread with all my apology to the member who
post that thread

[ 2 ]
DON'T post more than 2 threads maximum per day ... the third one and the followers will be deleted

[ 3 ]
Threads should be in English language EXCEPT that you explain some issues in your Arabic one

[ 4 ]
Please , to keep the rights of the other make sure that you write ( Copied
) in the end of any copied thread you post . In case that we discovered
the thread is copied we will inform the member about the thread and
modify the thread by adding a word ( Copied ) in the end of the thread

[ 5 ]
Please DON'T make any requesting thread because there is a separate thread special for requests of the members

• ~ Replies }...

[ 1 ]
We are expecting you to use the English language while you are in the English forum ... TRY
as much as you can to use your English language ... there are some
threads we can't accept any language rather than the English one ( e.g English chat
) ... we are strongly working to improve your English language and we
are expecting that you'll help us to maintain that target

[ 2 ]
Please DON'T chat with other in certain thread while we open the English chat ... any chatting reply in any thread EXCEPT the English chat will be completely deleted

[ 3 ]
TRY to reply with more useful replies and get away as much as you can from the traditional replies such as '' Thanks '' or '' Good job '' ... etc

[ 4 ]
DON'T use streat language

[ 5 ]
DON'T post your mobile number or your E-mail ... the reply will be completely deleted

I hope it has been explained obviously ... I'm ready to receive any Questions and Problems that you may encounter here in the English forum

all the best my dears
Enjoy your time

النّاجحون يبحثون دائماً عن الفرص لمساعدة الآخرين بينما الفاشلون يسألون دائماً ماذا سوف نستفيد نحن من ذلك
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معلن جديد
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