trick questions

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في الأربعاء 7 يوليو - 3:19

is a kind of game but we have one condition or term that would be..
don't dig in back in ur computer lookin' 4 the answers. so now we have
a pact):
i'm gonna ask ya just 5 QUESTIONS
just post ur answers to match ur mind
here is the questions

first one ...some months have 31 days, but others have 30. how many months have 28 days..

second one ..divide 30 by half and add ten . what do you get

third one ...if ya only had one match and ya entered a cold and dark
room, there was an oil lamp , oil heater and a candle wot would ya
light first.....
forth one ... a man builds a house with four sides of rectangular
construction , each side having a southern exposure . a bear comes
along.. wot colour is that bear...
fifth one .... how many of each species of animal did moses take on to his ARK

hope ya be honest with ur self and i wish i could find 5 stars here

note: just write ur own answers down when ya just read that .

have a good one

النّاجحون يبحثون دائماً عن الفرص لمساعدة الآخرين بينما الفاشلون يسألون دائماً ماذا سوف نستفيد نحن من ذلك
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معلن جديد
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في السبت 17 يوليو - 16:17

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