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Affiliate Loophole

عبدالرحمن حسن علي
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Finally revealed to the marketing world for the first
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My name is Michael Edwards, and I’ve made hundreds of thousands online over the past 5 years.

been teaching my friends how to do it too. They’re all highly
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But you may be surprised to hear that most of them ARE NOT SELLING A SINGLE THING!

see, I’m good at selling, but most of my friends are not. But
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What this means for YOU is ...You
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And I’m about to show you the how you can do it quickly and easily.

Picture this for a moment:

You snap your fingers and a flood of cash hits your bank account.

I can already hear you thinking: “Yeah, right. Dream on, dreamer. I need serious ways to make money, and I’m late for work.”

I know that what I’m saying may be hard for you to believe. After
all, you’ve probably been led to believe all your life that making
money requires hard work.

nothing could be further from the truth. Making money can be easy,
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I've created a cash generation system that’s designed to send floods of cash straight into your bank account, quickly and easily, without selling anything!

That’s why I called it the ‘Clickbank affiliate Loophole’.

Clickbank affiliate Loophole’ works by tapping into alternative money making resources that you won’t hear about from anyone else.

The real beauty of all this is:
You DON'T need to sell a darn thing.
You DON'T need to answer any e-mails from annoyed customers.
even need to maintain the system. Seriously, once it’s set
up, it’ll make you money without requiring your attention.
You DON'T need big e-mail lists. That’s right, you don’t need to send out e-mails to make money. That would be selling stuff. Remember, this is a "non-selling-system".
It’s quick and easy... In fact, it’s almost like instant cash flow.
All in all, if you can read and write, then you’re qualified to make money with this revolutionary 'Loophole' system.

Stop for a moment and let this sink in…

You don’t need any special skills at all to use this system! All you need to be able to do is read and write. Anyone can do this.

So how am I so certain that this system works for anyone?

Well, the answer is simple.

tested it. And I’ve not just tested it on myself. I’ve had other
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In fact, here’s what I did…
I hand-picked a group of 20 people and made them pay me to show them how to use this ‘Clickbank affiliate Loophole system.
people I picked were ‘ordinary’ people from all over the world.
They were people just like you, trying to figure out how to make
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I gave them two weeks to make as much money as possible using this system.

Now listen carefully, as I tell you what happened after those two weeks…

The Results Were Deeply Shocking!

a well known fact that only 5% of the people who try to make money
online are successful. That means that 95% of them fail to make
money online.

That’s a staggering number. 95% of people fail...

I knew the sheer power of my system and I was sure that these figures would not be representative of the kind of results that I could expect from this case study of the ‘Clickbank Affiliate Loophole’.

And boy, was I right!

After testing the system amongst this group of 20 different individuals from all over the world, I noticed one striking thing…

Nearly every single person using the ‘Clickbank Affiliate Loophole’ made money.

True enough, some people only made a couple of bucks in those two weeks. Others made a couple of hundreds of bucks.

But a few of them made over a thousand dollars in two weeks!

The results of this study verified 2 things about theClickbank Affiliate Loophole System:
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Fact #2: Anyone can make money using this system in an extremely short amount of time!

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I’m not exaggerating... Nothing is impossible for you now.

You know, it has been said that the only way to consistently make money online is with a non-sales strategy.

After all, sales are influenced by so many different factors and uncertainties.

example, it’s a well-known fact that sales always drop during the
summer months and Holiday seasons. That means sales won’t get you a
stable income stream.

And so there are many other unpredictable circumstances and factors beyond your control that influence sales... In other words, if your income stream depends on sales, there’s no way it’ll be steady!

So, are you willing to lose money just because times are slow?

And are you willing to have your monthly revenue depend on all sorts of unpredictable factors and uncertainties?

Of course you’re not!

If you want a steady income stream month after month, ‘Clickbank Affiliate Loophole’ is exactly what you need.

This is the only system online that’s designed to continuously suck cash into your bank account, regardless of sales, a rotten economy, or any other unpredictable factor.

And you know what?

It may be the only lasting way to make serious money online…

The Scary Facts About Selling Online. . . And

Why ‘Zero Sales’ Is What You Need!

marketers in this business might not admit this publicly but you
can be sure they are talking about it with their friends...

Throughout the Internet world, it’s getting harder and harder to make sales.

I’m talking about sales of both affiliate products and products of your own.

Here’s why…

huge stream of new marketers have entered the market. And
they’re flooding potential buyers with inferior products and faulty
sales pitches.

As a result, potential buyers are actually being scared away from buying products.

you’re struggling to make sales, then you already know what I’m
talking about. Selling is no longer the best and most reliable
way to make a steady stream of money online anymore.

But fortunately, there’s a way out of this mess. And it’s not by trying to sell stuff. It’s by going after ‘Zero sales’, like I show in my system.

Let me tell you what the ‘Clickbank Affiliate Loophole’ is NOT:

The Clickbank Affiliate Loophole’ is not about placing adsense ads on your web pages, hoping someone will click on them so you’ll make money for every click...

True enough, these ads worked, back in the days. But a new
epidemic called ‘ad blindness’ has spread the world, and people
hardly even see the ads anymore.

Obviously, if they don’t see them, they won’t click them. That hardly comprises a sustainable moneymaking system!

So don’t worry, it’s not about adsense ads…

The Clickbank Affiliate Loophole is not about selling links from your website.

links requires a complicated search engine optimization system,
which way beyond what most people can understand, let alone

The ‘Clickbank Affiliate Loophole’ system is not like that at all. It’s so simple that anyone can use it.

The Clickbank Affiliate Loophole’ is not about putting banners on your website.

doesn’t have anything to do whatsoever with putting a bunch of
content on your website, and then putting some banners up there,
hoping people will click on those and eventually buy from the
offer they’ll see so you’ll make money.

Again, that would be a form of selling. And this is a ‘non selling system’.
There's no selling involved of anything whatsoever!

The Clickbank Affiliate Loophole’ is not about creating tons of articles to get traffic.

is also not about creating a whole bunch of articles and placing
them in the article directories, hoping you get some traffic to
your website.

all, if you wanted to make money, you’d still have to sell
something to that traffic (and by now you know this is not about
selling), or you’d have to hope people would click on the ads you
put up (which you know this is not about either).

The Clickbank Affiliate Loophole’ is not about doing work online for someone else.

won’t be working for anyone else. In fact, I’m not even sure if
you should call this ‘work’ in the first place. It’s really that

You do have to put in some
effort to set things up. But if you really don’t want to do
anything at all, then you can always outsource these tasks.

The Clickbank Affiliate Loophole is not about any other “fad” you can possibly think about…

This system is probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen online
before. I’ve never seen anyone talk or write about these resources
anywhere. And I’ve been around…

**One Word - This system is truly Revolutionary!**

So now that you know what the ‘Clickbank Affiliate Loophole
system is not...Let’s talk about what it IS...

Make Money The Smart Way, Not The Hard Way!

You know, I’m 100% sure that you’ll be completely stunned by the simplicity and power of the ‘Clickbank Affiliate Loophole’.

In fact, I’m certain that once you see how it works, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t thought about this yourself.

The amazing thing is that with this system you’ll be providing value to your visitors without selling them anything. You won’t even be charging them!

You’ll be making money without having them whip out their credit cards, or having them sign up for an annoying series of emails to sell them on products you’re promoting.

In fact, the ‘Clickbank Affiliate Loophole’ will even work when your customers don’t even have a PayPal account or credit card!

Like I’ve been saying, this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before...

build a group of raving and loyal fans, who’ll love you for the
things you’re doing. They won’t condemn you for stuffing their
inbox full of crap or trying to make money from them.

That’s right...

Never Sell A Single Product In Your Life Again, And

Make More Money Than You Ever Imagined Possible!

Here’s just a small sample of what you’re going to discover inside the ‘Clickbank Affiliate Loophole’:

How to get up to 40% of your visitors to make you cash, without selling them on anything.

The #1 and #2 websites that will pay you cash without you selling or promoting anything (and once again, this has got nothing to do at all with adsense or pay-per-lead programs).

How to get people to beg you to actually make you more money from them, without you selling or promoting them anything!
The #1 thing people will absolutely want, so you can make more money.
The quickest way to put your servers on overload and cash in big-time!
A sneaky trick that’ll get you more visitors (and thus more money), easier than ever. I can tell you for certain that no one has been talking about this ever before!
This is a guaranteed method to drive more visitors to your
website who are eager to make you money, of course, without you
selling them a single thing.
A highly controversial tactic that will flood your accounts with cold hard cash.
This is so controversial and so ‘under the belt’, that I
hesitated to share this with you at first. But then I realized
that you SHOULD learn about this incredibly powerful tactic and
use it yourself, starting today. Do NOT miss this!
How to effectively leverage P2P networks to make more money.
The #1 web 2.0 tactic that will get you more buy happy visitors, more easily.
The ‘secret’ method to learn exactly what people want, and how to give it to them every single time!
How to easily make over $100,000 a year, almost effortlessly!
How to double or even triple that figure by just doing one simple thing…
How to suck cash from people who want to be ‘advertised’ to… ALL without selling them a single thing.
I promise you, this is one extremely powerful trick. And I’ve
said it before, but I’ll say it again: there’s no selling involved
Why pop-ups still work and how to use them to make money from (without selling).
Most people will tell you pop-ups are dead. But that’s simply not
true. I’ll explain exactly why it’s not, and how you can make
them work effectively for you.
How to double your income from pop-ups, with absolutely no extra work, and without selling anything.
How to combine web 2.0 and pop-ups to literally explode your income without selling anything.
The only method to make floods of cash with videos.
I’ve seen people making an extra $1,870 a week with this tactic
that’s extremely easy to apply. You can do this too, and it’s so
simple, you’d be crazy if you didn’t!
to double or even triple your income with the exact same video.
This is something nobody will tell you about. But it’s so
How to create one easy link and grab lightning fast cash (without selling anything). This has got to be one of the easiest methods of making money ever!
The one thing you can do to "Quadruple" your money making results without selling a single thing. Combining this with the other tactics in the Clickbank Affiliate Loophole’ is potentially lethal. Do not take this lightly!
The 8 places you absolutely must know about if you want to discover how to make incredible amounts of cash without selling a single thing!
And so much more...

Download "Clickbank Affiliate Loophole" Now For

Just A Measly Investment Of Only $197.00, $97.00,

$77.00 $47!

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مؤســس المنتدى
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