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Family Organic Garden

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"Learn How To save Thousands of Dollars a Year by Growing Your Own Organic Garden With My Fully Illustrated Guide."

Hi! I'm Jeannine.I was brought up in
an apartment in the city and really disliked gardening. It was when I
moved to the farm in 1992 that my adventure with organic growing began.
Since then I have been able to grow my own food, saving a huge amount of
money which has enabled me to fulfill many of my lifetime goals.

Are you tired of depending on others to obtain vegetables and fruits whose origins are not reliable?
Have you become furious for spending too much money on “cheaper” produces which may contain toxics and poisons?

Well, you don´t have to take it anymore!

I want you to have the tools to be self-sufficient and independent
from everybody else, growing your own food in conditions you can monitor
and regulate by yourself. Everybody knows that processed fruits and
vegetables contain many deadly and unpredictable chemicals, which have
become the norm in an industry which doesn’t care at all of anything
that may happen to you.

Don´t pay for something you can grow yourself for free. Get
rid of toxic chemicals in your diet, start eating fresh, tasty and
energizing food. Maximize your health and minimize your budget at the
same time!

On the other hand if you buy organic food at the store, you
already know that it can be really expensive. Sometimes organic
vegetables and fruit cost double than regular food. Growing your own
food it’s a great money saver.

You will spend less money in food and won’t have to drive to the
supermarket when you need a tomato; the only thing you’ll do is walk
through your garden and pick it up!

Here you can find a comparative Price list for non organic and
organic products in an equal surface of 100 square feet. Also, in figure
2 i added the production of a regular farm the first year. Production
increases between 15% and 20% by the 2nd and 3rd year because the soil gets richer as you grow your vegetables.

You can also see how much money you could save
if you choose to grow your own vegetables and fruits, even if you
choose to buy the cheapest non-organic produces. This example is again
set on a field of 100 square feet.

*In both figures prices are stated per pound or bunch as marked

Just by taking a look at this table, we realize how expensive can be
buying organic food. If you want to eat healthy you have to spend a lot
of money. Most of the prices for organic food double regular veggies
prices. As you can see, production over the first year will be enough
to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day, the only investment you´ll
have to make is between $4 to $20 to buy seeds. After you pick up your first harvest, you will collect your own seeds and no more money spending!

Stop choosing between your wallet and you health, this
book will give you everything you need to grow a fully functional
organic garden which will cover your food requirements in a better and
cheaper way than any supermarket or store.

These are just a few of the benefits that an organic garden would
bring into your life. It can also have an incredible impact in your
health and I’ll tell you why.

  • Have you ever wondered why you feel tired or
    irritated even when you sleep 8 or more hours?
  • Are you losing your hair or your skin is so dry
    that makes you scratch?
  • Do you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn ?
  • Have you been trying to conceive a baby with
    no success ?

All of these and many other common health issues are directly related to the food we eat.

We are what we eat. So, what does that make you?

Our food can make a difference in our health, mind and appearance.
It’s of common knowledge that today food everywhere contains pesticides
and fertilizers, directly affecting its quality, its nutritional value
and your health.

The adverse effects of pesticides and fertilizers pollution aren’t
limited to our health but extend to our environment. Chemicals residues
may contaminate streams through run-off, endangering the living beings
in the aquatic habitat. Moreover, some of these pesticides are
indentified as ozone-depleting substances. By growing your own organic
garden, you will be not only developing a healthier lifestyle, but also,
relieving our environment of pollution.

Here are some facts that for you:

Organic food benefits:

  • They are safer and healthier
  • Better nutritional composition, richer in vitamins and minerals
  • They are not genetically modified
  • Taste delicious
  • Helps the environment

I'll teach you how to create your own organic garden, in simple and easy to follow steps, consuming very little money and time

Eating the freshest of the fresh, The BEST diet in the world, All by your own labor and much cheaper than you ever imagined it!!

Experience the thrill of rosemary snipped off the bush or carrots as
sweet as carrots should be. Pick fresh lettuce and tomatoes out of your
garden; add a few radishes and a variety of herbs and wow! You are
smiling and styling with a homegrown organic salad!

Your health and spirit will be stimulated by growing your own Family Organic Garden, getting you in true contact with nature and all of its virtues.

The Family Organic Garden brings everyone in the family together.
Working together as a family to improve the soil, growing your own food
and learning ecological values, is an enriching and elevating

Keep together the world we live in. From your location you can do so much!
There is certainly nothing healthier than eating your own organic harvest.

Organic gardening is not just for environmentalists or knowledgeable
plant experts. You can start your perfect Family Organic Garden at your
own home, your workplace or anywhere you have room to do it and you
don’t need a huge area to do it.

You can have your own garden in just a little patch of earth or even at your apartment.

I can guarantee the results will amaze you!

You’ll get so excited, you’ll want to share it with your family, your
friends, your colleagues, your neighbors… in fact, with everyone!
It is an activity that unites and strengthens work groups producing great emotional and motivational impact.
Your Family Organic garden will show you a new way of life. You´ll find yourself happier than you imagined with the results

Launch your own organic garden...
Have more money to spend than you ever imagined! Don't miss it!

As an example here are some of the themes I explain in 101 fully illustrated pages:

  • Reduced food expenses.
  • Impact on your health and our Planet.
  • Garden location.
  • Soil fertility.
  • Balanced eco-system.
  • Water management.
  • Natural pest control procedure.
  • Harvesting and processing produce.
  • Tips to enjoy the wonders of nature with family and friends.

  • Plus everything you need to get started now!

In Family Organic Garden you will find all the information you need
to start your own gardening adventure. You’ll discover a completely new
world and you’ll have the power to change your lifestyle while
contributing to relieve our earth of pesticides and fertilizers

Take full advantage of my special offer, right now you are getting 3
special bonuses that will be an extra help when creating your garden at
the very same price:

Bonus 1

Plant Disease Prevention and Control

You can prevent plant disease. Seems complicated, but you only have
to choose disease resistant veggies varieties. Find out the all the
secrets of plant disease and learn how to prevent and fight them.

Value - US$19.90

Bonus 2

Composting Guide and Recipes

The best garden composting tips and
techniques. Create your own compost with little effort and virtually no
expense. Discover all the benefits of composting in this easy to follow

Value - US$19.90

Bonus 3

Growing Tips and Techniques

Learn effective growing, watering and harvesting techniques. This
guide will show you great tips on how to grow tasty and fresh vegetables
and fruits. All you need to know explained in simple words.

Value - US$19.90

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عبدالرحمن حسن علي
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مؤســس المنتدى
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