Thinking on You

عبدالرحمن حسن علي
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مؤســس المنتدى
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في الجمعة 10 سبتمبر - 22:21

My dear friend ...When you feel like crying... Don't cry!Call me I cry for you.When you feel like smiling... Let me know!I come for us to smile along.When you feel like love... Call me!I've been loving you.When you feel like it's all over... Call me!I come to help you rebuild.When you think the world is too small for your sorrows... Call me!I make it great for so much happiness.When you need a hand... Call me!That is always my own.When you need company in those sad days and cloudy or sunny days... Call me!I come yeah!When you're needing to hear someone say I love you! Call me!I say all the time, because my love for you is immense.When you don't need me anymore... Let me know!That'll leave just thinking of you!

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