Arabic Calligraphy

عبدالرحمن حسن علي
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مؤســس المنتدى
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Calligraphyis known as “beautiful handwriting,” and in Arabic it also means the“art of the pen” and “the geometry of the spirit.” Arabic calligraphyis a genuine Arabic and Islamic art form that links the literaryheritage of the Arabic language with the religion of Islam. It is anartistic tradition of extraordinary beauty, richness and power. TheQur'an played a major role in the development and evolution of Arabicscript and calligraphy, and was the main inspiration for beautifyingthe words of God. The first revelation of the Qur’an inspired Arab andMuslim artists to be creative and use calligraphy as a spiritual andartistic identity. Arabic calligraphy has been used for centuries todecorate architectural buildings, manuscripts, and objects of dailylife. Despite the diversity of the Arabic and Islamic world, ArabicCalligraphy is a major element that unified Islamic art. In addition toits spiritual value, Arabic calligraphy and inscriptions onarchitectural monuments served as historical documents. Calligraphy wasan art form that adapted every imaginable art media such as paper,wood, metal, glass, stone, ivory, and leather. It is an art that isconsidered a form of worship and played a major role in Arabic andIslamic cultures.

Presentation on the Hisorty and Development of Arabic Calligraphy



The Digital Creative Process

by Fayeq Oweis

Thecomputer or digital process in creating the majority of my art piecesinvolved many steps, including hand-drawn sketches, vectorillustration, and raster manipulation using computer graphicsapplications. Following is an outline of this digital process increating one art piece, which contains the word "Allah," and isarranged in a geometric shape forming an eight-pointed star. Theindividual stages involved in creating this image are discussed andillustrated as follows:

1. Using a grid sheet of paper, Ihand-sketched the word "Allah" with a pencil, and then scanned it intothe computer using Adobe Photoshop software. The file was then saved ina raster TIFF file format. This scan was used as a template for linetracing using another program (see below).


النّاجحون يبحثون دائماً عن الفرص لمساعدة الآخرين بينما الفاشلون يسألون دائماً ماذا سوف نستفيد نحن من ذلك
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