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the meaning of roses

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a quick summary of the meaning of roses:

1. Red Roses
Red roses convey a simple message: "I love you". This makes them theultimate symbol of romantic love and the most popular choice onValentine’s Day. Other meanings for red roses include desire, passion,courage, respect, beauty and sincerity. A red rosebud symbolizes purityand loveliness.

2. Coral Roses
Coral roses speak of desire and passion.

3. Lilac or Lavender Roses
Lilac roses reveal love at first sight or enchantment.

4. Orange Roses
Orange roses communicate desire, enthusiasm and fascination. They makean excellent choice for a new relationship that you wish to pursuefurther.

5. Peach Roses
Peach roses expressgratitude, appreciation, admiration or sympathy. They can also conveysociability and friendship and send the message "Let's get together". Apale peach rose symbolizes modesty.

6. Pink Roses
In general, pink roses symbolize grace, gentility and happiness and express appreciation and gratitude.

7. Pale Pink Roses
Pale pink roses connote grace, joy, gentility and gratitude.

8. Light Pink Roses
Light pink roses suggest happiness and fun. Like all pink roses, they also convey admiration and appreciation.

9. Deep Pink Roses
Deep pink roses say "Thank you". They also express appreciation, admiration, sincerity and sympathy.

10. White Roses
Second only to red roses in popularity, white roses symbolize truth andinnocence. They also represent silence, secrecy, reverence, humility,youthfulness and charm. You can use them to say, "You're heavenly", "Imiss you" and "I’m worthy of you". A white rosebud symbolizes girlhood.

11. Yellow Roses
Yellow roses symbolize friendship and freedom, so are not specificallyromantic roses. They convey congratulations, joy, gladness and delight.But they also promise a new beginning, say "Welcome back" and "Rememberme", and can convey jealousy and caring. Yellow roses with red tipsconvey friendship and falling in love.

12. Dead Roses
Dead roses in any color convey "It's over!"

Combining Rose Colors

New meanings arise when you combine two rose colors. Here are just a few examples:

* Red and Yellow Roses
Expresses happiness and celebration

* Red and White Roses
Symbolizes unity or an engagement

* White and Yellow Roses
Symbolizes harmony

Additional Rose Symbols

Abouquet of blooming roses in any color conveys gratitude and symbolizesbeauty and perfection. Or you can opt for sending a message with asingle rose.

* Single Red Rose
"I love you"

* Single Rose In Any Color
"Thank you"

* Two Roses Entwined
"Marry me"

* A Thornless Rose
"It was love at first sight"

* Tea Roses
"I'll always remember you"

* A Rosebud In Any Color
Symbolizes youth and beauty

Sono matter what your situation, there is a rose color or combinationthat will express what you want to say. Valentine’s Day is the perfectoccasion to declare your intentions, remind someone how much you care,or express your appreciation of a friendship.

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